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Rubin Adjusting is the top public adjusting firm in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. We work with both residential and commercial property owners who have sustained a catastrophic loss and are worried about getting the coverage they are entitled to.

Insurance companies sell policies and then try to pay as little as possible on claims in order to protect their bottom line. Leaving your claim solely in the hands of your insurance company means that you could be leaving significant money on the table in coverage that is rightfully yours.

When you hire Rubin Adjusting, you partner with a powerful advocate who is completely on your side. With decades of experience and a sophisticated methodology, we dig deep into every claim we handle to ensure that our clients get the maximum allowed under their policy.

Michael Rubin

The founder of Rubin Adjusting, Michael, began his career as a public adjuster in Detroit. He moved to California in 1972 and started his own firm in 1980. This firm evolved over time to what Rubin Adjusting is today, conveniently located in Woodland Hills, California.

Michael has deep roots in the public adjusting business. He brings a wealth of knowledge and level of experience to his practice that other public adjusters do not have and has developed a unique methodology that helps his clients recover higher claim amounts.

He is the current president of the California Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (CAPIA), was the president of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) in 2001, and continues to serve as a NAPIA executive board member. With a reputation for integrity and unique insight, he is often called to serve as an expert in court cases involving insurance claims.

Jesse Rubin

Jesse is Michael’s son and business partner. Steeped in public adjusting from a young age, Jesse has been working alongside his father since 2013. He is meticulous in handling claims and leaves no stone unturned when helping clients obtain the maximum settlement amount. He is passionate about helping his clients get the results they deserve when they need them most.

Jesse specializes in the following areas:

  • Structural repair estimates
  • Personal property inventory and valuation
  • Business interruption analysis, calculation, and negotiation

He currently serves as the Education Chair for the California Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (CAPIA).

Who We Serve

We work with both residential and commercial property owners who are facing insurance claims arising from water, fire, earthquake, wind, or other damage. We understand the unique dynamics of claim adjusting and help our clients obtain the best settlement, often recovering compensation for losses they did not realize they had.

We also partner with other professionals who may be involved in the insurance industry or have clients who have suffered property damage or loss:

  • Attorneys
  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • Property managers

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